Dan Koabel
Web * Mobile * UI


About Me

I'm a 32 year old "web guy" with a passion for front end development and an eye for design.

An eye for design? I'm not a fancy super designer but I have a great eye and know what looks good, or how to improve lackluster designs. My ideal design or interface is low on clutter, high on usability, and looks great on any screen. My specialty is HTML and CSS, and I've used Javascript, jQuery quite a bit over the past few years. I also have exposure to and an interest in learning more about mobile development and UX design.

I graduated from NKU with a B.A. in Media Informatics in 2008. After college I began my career as a front end developer at Hobsons before returning to work at NKU in 2011 as Director of Creative Technology in the College of Informatics. Since leaving NKU in October I have been Organized Living's front end web developer, mainly working on designing and implementing designs for internal tools.

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